1991 - Manipulating Pig Production III

The Australasian Pig Science Association held its inaugural conference in 1987 with the aim of encouraging and promoting scientific discussion and collaboration amongst scientists interested in pig research and pig production.

Conferences are held every two years and the Proceedings are published as hardbound monographs and in an electronic form with a common title: Manipulating Pig Production. The Proceedings are recognised worldwide as a leading conference publication, where all symposia, reviews and one page papers undergo extensive scientific review prior to acceptance in the Proceedings. This ensures the quality of the papers continues to be of the highest standard.
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1991 - Manipulating Pig Production III

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1991 - Manipulating Pig Production III


1. Directions of research
2. Ovarian function
3. Dietary energy systems
4. Genetic programmes to improve litter size


1. The Senate enquiry and animal welfare
2. Proliferative enteritis
3. Environmental factors and feed intake
4. Biotechnology and meat production.