2001 - Manipulating Pig Production VIII

The Australasian Pig Science Association held its inaugural conference in 1987 with the aim of encouraging and promoting scientific discussion and collaboration amongst scientists interested in pig research and pig production.

Conferences are held every two years and the Proceedings are published as hardbound monographs and in an electronic form with a common title: Manipulating Pig Production. The Proceedings are recognised worldwide as a leading conference publication, where all symposia, reviews and one page papers undergo extensive scientific review prior to acceptance in the Proceedings. This ensures the quality of the papers continues to be of the highest standard.
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2001 - Manipulating Pig Production VIII

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2001 - Manipulating Pig Production VIII

The Eight Biennial Conference of the Australasian Pig Science Association was held in Adelaide, South Australia, 25th November - 28th November 2001. The Proceedings, 'Manipulating Pig Production VIII', contains 5 Reviews and 3 Symposia, presented by leading scientists from Europe, North America and Australia, and 86 one-page papers. All papers were reviewed by external referees.

1. 1. Productive research environments in the rural industries - can we do better? by Professor David Lindsay;
2. 2. Factors limiting the performance of growing pigs in commercial environments by Dr John Black et al.;
3. 3. Australian and international developments in the assessment and management of piggery odours by Dr Peter Watts et al.;
4. 4. The prevalence and eradication of pig diseases in Australia by Dr Ross Cutler;
5. 5. Luminal bacteria and regulation of gut function and immunity by Dr Denise Kelly and Dr T.P. King


1. "Managing the eating quality of pork" was convened by Dr Mike Taverner and included the following:

1. Managing the eating quality of pork - what the producer can do by Dr. Darryl D'Souza and Dr B.P. Mullan

2. Managing the eating quality of pork - what the processor can do by Ms Heather Channon

3. Managing the eating quality of pork - realizing benefits along the value chain by Dr David Meisinger

2. "Pig AI in Australia - Opportunities and limitations" was convened by Dr Paul Hughes and included the following: Production of fertile insemination doses by Dr Billy Flowers

Estimating the optimum timing of insemination in pigs by Dr Paul Hughes and Dr G. Pope

Effects of the inseminator and insemination type on efficacy of AI by Dr Billy Flowers
Biosecurity in AI centres in Australia - should we be concerned? by Dr Ranald Cameron

3. "Understanding the nutritional chemistry of grains will help to improve the profitability and sustainability of the pig industry" was convened by Dr John Pluske and included the following:

Comparative digestion of energy from grains fed to pigs, poultry and ruminants: Can the efficiency of pig production be improved? by Dr Rob van Barneveld et al.;

Light microscopic techniques to understand starch digestibility by Dr Karin Autio;

How effective are supplemental enzymes in pig diets? by Dr Mingan Choct and Mr. D.J. Cadogan

One-page papers Papers were presented and published on the followings themes :
1. Animal Health (6 papers);
2. Genetics & Animal Breeding (8);
3. Growth & Development/Physiology (15);
4. Behaviour, Housing, Environment & Welfare (7);
5. Meat Quality & Meat Hygiene (18);
6. Nutrition, Nutrient Intake, Nutrient Quality & Utilization (24);
7. Reproduction (8);

Edited by P.D. Cranwell. Hard-cover, 312 pages. ISBN 0 957 7226-1-3. Published by APSA, Werribee, Victoria 3030, Australia.