1999 – Manipulating Pig Production VII




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1999 – Manipulating Pig Production VII

The Seventh Biennial Conference of the Australasian Pig Science Association was held in Adelaide, South Australia, 28th November – 1st December 1999. The Proceedings, ‘Manipulating Pig Production VII’, contains 6 Reviews and 2 Symposia, presented by leading scientists from Europe, North America and Australia, and 105 one-page papers. All papers were reviewed by external referees.


1. 1. Pig research and development: What needs to be done? Who should pay and who should do the work? by Dr William Close;

2. 2. Sources and influence of variation on pig production and performance by Mr Hugh Payne et al.;

3. 3. Production and processing in Australia: Breeding for the needs of both by Dr Brian Luxford;

4. 4. Neonatal and weaner pig: Management to reduce variation by Dr Jean Le Dividich;

5. 5. Leptin: A regulator of feed intake and physiology in swine by Dr Tim Ramsay;

6. 6. Nutritional constraints to pig performance and pig variability by Dr Ray King.


1. “Development and implementation of genetic improvement technologies in pig breeding” was convened by Dr Susanne Hermesch and included the following:

1. New technology to enhance genetic improvement of pigs by Professor Mike


2. Marking the way to better pig breeding by Dr Chris Moran.;

3. Use of DNA technology in pig breeding by Dr Richard Kerr et al. and

4. Breeding for increased disease resistance by Dr Ron Crump.

2. ‘Antibiotics in pig production’ was convened by Dr Colin Cargill and Dr Lyndy Scott

and included the following:

1. The down-side of antibiotic use in pig production: The effect on antibiotic resistance of enteric bacteria by Dr Mary Barton;

2. The role of management and husbandry in pig health, with emphasis on postweaning enteric disorders by Dr Francois Madec and Dr E Leon;

3. Can diet be used as an alternative to antibiotics to help control enteric bacterial infections in pigs? by Dr David Hampson et al.;

4. Specifically selected probiotics can improve health and performance of pigs by Dr Patricia Conway; and

5. Can vaccines replace antibiotics? by Dr Adrian Hodgson.

One-page papers
Papers were presented and published on the followings themes :
1. Animal Health (8 papers);

2. Gastrointestinal Physiology & Health (6);

3. Genetics & Animal Breeding (15);

4. Growth & Development (25);

5. Housing & Environment (10);

6. Meat Quality (17);

7. Nutrient Digestibility & Utilization (17);

8. Reproduction (5);

9. Waste Utilization (2).

Edited by P.D. Cranwell. Hard-cover, 320 pages. ISBN 0 957 7226-0-5.
Published by APSA, Werribee, Victoria 3030, Australia.

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