2003 – Manipulating Pig Production IX


APSA Biennial Conference, Fremantle, Western Australia, 23rd – 26th November 200

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2003 – Manipulating Pig Production IX

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The Ninth Biennial Conference of the Australasian Pig Science Association was held in Fremantle, Western Australia, 23rd November – 26th November 2003. The Proceedings, ‘Manipulating Pig Production IX’, contains 4 Reviews, 1 Symposium and 81-one page papers, presented by leading scientists from Europe, North America and Australia. All papers were reviewed by external referees. Reviews

1. 1. Concerns about pork production in Western Europe – efforts to get the lights on green. By Associate Professor Egbert Kanis and Dr. Ir Karel de Greef (Wageningen University, Institute of Animal Science, The Netherlands)

2. 2. New reproductive technologies for prodution and research in the pig. By Associate Professor Mark Nottle and co-authors (Dept of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Univ. of Adelaide)

3. 3. The use of antibiotics in food production animals – does this cause problems in human health? By Dr. Peter Collignon (Director, Infectious Diseases Unit & Dept of Microbiology, Canberra Hospital, ACT).

4. 4. Fat deposition & metabolism in the pig. By Professor Frank Dunshea and Darryl D’Souza (Victorian Institute of Animal Science, Werribee Vic.; Western Australian Dept. of Agriculture) Symposium

1. “The role of science in the assessment of welfare” was convened by Professor Paul Hemsworth and included the following papers:

1. The use of animal preferences and behavioural demand to assess animal welfare by Dr. Andrew Fisher and Ms Nicky Hogan (CSIRO Livestock Industries, Armidale, NSW).
2. Studying stress to assess animal welfare by Dr. John Barnett (Animal Welfare Centre, Vistorican Institute of Animal Science, Dept. of Primary Industries, Werribee, Vic).

3. Studying difficult and inadequate adaptation to assess animal welfare by Professor Paul Hemsworth (AnimalWelfare Centre, University of Melbourne).

One-page papers Papers were presented and published on the followings themes :

1. Animal Health (9 papers);
2. Genetics & Animal Breeding (8);
3. Growth & Development/Physiology (3);
4. Behaviour, Housing, Environment & Welfare (11);
5. Meat Quality & Meat Hygiene (10);
6. Nutrition, Nutrient Intake, Nutrient Quality & Utilization (36);
7. Reproduction (4);

Edited by J. E. Paterson. Hard-cover, 175 pages. ISBN 0 957 7226-2-1. Published by APSA, Werribee, Victoria 3030, Australia.

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