Past Recipients

Batterham Memorial Award:

  • 2017 Dr Kate Plush
  • 2015 Ms Heather Channon
  • 2013 Dr Robert Smits
  • 2011 Dr Cherie Collins
  • 2009 Dr Rebecca Morrison
  • 2007 Dr David Cadogan
  • 2005 Dr Eva Ostrowska
  • 2003 Dr Patricia Mitchell
  • 2001 Dr Darryl D'Souza
  • 1999 Dr Kaye Coates
  • 1997 Prof John Pluske
  • 1995 Dr Robert van Barneveld

APSA Medal:

  • 2017 Mr Evan Bittner from the University of Melbourne.
  • 2015 Miss Carolina Munoz from the University of Melbourne "A study of agonistic strategies after mixing in group housed sows", co-authored with P.H. Hemsworth and E. Jongman.
  • 2013 Miss Diana Turpin from Murdoch University "Intermittent suckling influences the performance of pigs before and after weaning", co-authored with P. Langendijk, T-Y. Chen and J.R. Pluske
  • 2011 Miss Natasha Krietals from University of Western Australia "Traceability of offal in the Australian pork industry" and co-authored with R.J. Watling and G.S.H Lee.
  • 2009 Miss Amy Lealiifano from Murdoch University "Altering the timing of an immunocastration vaccine to optimise pig performance", co-authored with John Pluske, Roland Nicholls, Frank Dunshea and Bruce Mullan
  • 2007 Miss Larissa Beale from the University of Queensland "Gastrointestinal health of newborn piglets - The acquisition of enterbacteriaceae diversity", co-authored with P. Njuguna, T. Chapman, R. Al Jassim, D. Trott and J.C. Chin

APSA Poster Award:

  • 2017 Mr Robert Hewitt from SunPork Solutions.
  • 2015 Kirrily O'Halloran from Rivalea Australia "Evaluation of sow and litter performance with addition of a bio-surfactant to lactation diets", co-authored by R.R. Carter, D.J. Henman and C.L. Collins.
  • 2013 Dr Cameron Jose from Department of Agriculture and Food WA "Depletion-repletion of dietary iron increases total muscle and liver iro contents, but not aerobic capacity, in pigs", co-authored by J. Mansfield, M. Trezona, J.C. Kim, R.G. Campbell, D.W. Pethick, G. Smith and J.R. Pluske.
  • 2011 Dr Greg Tuckett from Rivalea Australia "Pregnancy outcomes of porcine embryo transfer are not affected by increasing the volume of transfer medium", co-authored by C.G. Grupen, D.P. McKenzie and B.G. Luxford
  • 2009 Ms Karen Moore from the Department of Agriculture and Food WA "Entire male and female pigs have different available lysine:energy requirements from 20 to 50 kgs liveweight", co-authors Roger Campbell, Roland Nicholls and Bruce Mullan
  • 2007 Dr Robert van Barneveld

APSA Fellow:

  • 2017 Professor Robert van Barneveld
  • 2015 Professor John Pluske
  • 2013 Professor Frank Dunshea and Dr Bruce Mullan
  • 2011 Dr Ian Williams
  • 2009 Dr Michael Taverner
  • 2007 Dr David Hennessy
  • 2007 Dr Ray King