Batterham Memorial Award

The Batterham Memorial Award is a prestigious award conferred by APSA in memory of the late Dr Ted Batterham. The Award is made to a young scientist within 10 years of graduation and is conferred with the aim of stimulating and developing innovation in the pig industry. It is anticipated that the cash award will enable the recipient to broaden his or her exposure to national or international pig science. The Award is sponsored by Feedworks.

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APSA Fellow

The APSA Fellow Award was first presented in 2007. This prestigious award is offered in recognition of past and present members who have made an outstanding contribution to APSA as well as their contribution and commitment to pig science.

Nominations for the APSA Fellow Award are received from the current APSA Committee and the initial nominations are supported by a verbal statement addressing the selection criteria, weighted to assist the Committee in its deliberations.

The selection criteria for deliberation of APSA Fellow nominations cover contributions to:

  • The APSA Committee (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, ordinary Committee member);
  • Technical content contribution (Editor, referee, scientific authors, etc.);
  • Membership development (students, national and overseas);
  • Contribution and commitment to pig science (research, involvement in post-graduate training, etc.).

All past APSA Fellows were significant contributors to APSA and pig science, and given both their professional and personal commitments at the time, their substantial contributions are more utterly astonishing and valued.

APSA Medal

The APSA Medal encourages the development of our early-career scientist membership base by recognising the best presentation from a member presenting at their first APSA conference. The APSA Medal recognises excellence in science and the member’s ability to convey the scientific outcomes to the audience, with the winner presented with a medal and a cash prize of AUD$500.

APSA Flash Talk Award

The APSA Flash Talk Award recognises the most effective use of the three-minute Flash Talk in conveying a one-page paper to the audience. The challenge is to catch the attention of the audience and describe the work in a clear and concise manner. The APSA Flash Talk Award is open to anyone presenting a Flash Talk at APSA, with the winner presented with a trophy and a bottle of wine.

International APSA Travel Scholarship Award

The purpose of the International APSA Travel Scholarship Award is to introduce outstanding early-career international pig scientists and their cutting-edge research to the Australasian pork industry. The Award will provide travel support to promising early-career scientists for presentation of their work at the APSA conference.

The aims of the International APSA Travel Scholarship Award are to:

  • Support early career researchers to attend conferences;
  • Enhance the researcher’s professional development; and
  • Assist the researcher to develop a network with Australasian delegates in the area of pig science.