The AC Dunkin Memorial Lecture, in memory of the late Anthony (Tony) Dunkin and what he strived for, traditionally opens the APSA conference. The Lecture is delivered to inspire, encourage thought, and to give members of the pig science community the opportunity to think about their contribution to pork production and the overall contribution of pork production to the global community.

Tony Dunkin arrived in Australia from Britain via New Zealand in late 1968, to design and run the ‘state of the art’ Mt Derrimut Pig Research and Training Centre in Victoria. He was an integral member of the small group of scientists who pioneered the concept of using research to benefit the Australian pork industry. Tony was responsible for fostering many young scientists, who today are recognised as legends in their own right by the international pig science network.

The 2023 AC Dunkin Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Professor Frédéric Leroy on Animal source foods in the human diet: recalibrating the conversation.

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