The conference incorporates a blend of basic and applied research covering every aspect of pig science.

The meeting is attended by a mix of scientists, consultants, industry support personnel and producers.

2019 Speakers

Mr Chris Piotrowski

The potential of portable near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) for assuring quality and authenticity in the food chain, using Iberian hams as an example

Asst Prof Tomas Norton

Precision livestock farming – building ‘digital representations’ to bring the animals closer to the farmer

Prof Mark Hutchinson

What innovations in pain management and control might be possible if we could quantify the neuroimmune synapse?

Prof Robyn Warner

Analysis of the process and drivers for cellular meat production

Dr Kristy DiGiacomo

Insect meal – a future source of protein feed for pigs?

Dr Steve Little

Water medication of growing pigs – sources of between-animal variability in systemic exposure to antimicrobials

Prof Mike Tokach

Nutrient requirements of the modern high-producing lactating sow, with an emphasis on amino acid requirements

Dr Clay Lents

Kisspeptin and reproduction in the pig

Prof Carol Bagnell

Maternal programming of development in the pig and the lactocrine hypothesis

Dr R. Dean Boyd

Innovation through research in the North American pork industry