Past Recipients

International APSA Travel Scholarship Award:

  • 2019 Ms Kiah Gourley and Mr Jamil Faccin
  • 2017 Mr Fangzhou (Arkin) Wu, Ms Carine Vier and Ms Lori Thomas
  • 2015 Dr Hyatt Frobose
  • 2013 Ms Charlotte Amdi and Ms Annabel Bergmann

Batterham Memorial Award:

  • 2019 Dr Fan Liu
  • 2017 Dr Kate Plush
  • 2015 Ms Heather Channon
  • 2013 Dr Robert Smits
  • 2011 Dr Cherie Collins
  • 2009 Dr Rebecca Morrison
  • 2007 Dr David Cadogan
  • 2005 Dr Eva Ostrowska
  • 2003 Dr Patricia Mitchell
  • 2001 Dr Darryl D'Souza
  • 1999 Dr Kaye Coates
  • 1997 Prof John Pluske
  • 1995 Dr Robert van Barneveld

APSA Medal:

  • 2019 Ms Megan Hayes from the University of Melbourne "Positive human contact reduces avoidance behaviour of gestating sows during routine husbandry procedures", co-authored with L.M. Hemsworth, R.S. Morrison, M. Rice and P.H. Hemsworth
  • 2017 Mr Evan Bittner from the University of Melbourne "Innovation in an expanding market: Australian pork is not a commodity", co-authored with H. Ashman, M. Hastie, R.J. van Barneveld, A.H. Hearn, N. Thomson and F.R. Dunshea.
  • 2015 Miss Carolina Munoz from the University of Melbourne "A study of agonistic strategies after mixing in group housed sows", co-authored with P.H. Hemsworth and E. Jongman.
  • 2013 Miss Diana Turpin from Murdoch University "Intermittent suckling influences the performance of pigs before and after weaning", co-authored with P. Langendijk, T-Y. Chen and J.R. Pluske.
  • 2011 Miss Natasha Krietals from University of Western Australia "Traceability of offal in the Australian pork industry", co-authored with R.J. Watling and G.S.H Lee.
  • 2009 Miss Amy Lealiifano from Murdoch University "Altering the timing of an immunocastration vaccine to optimise pig performance", co-authored with J.R. Pluske, R.R. Nicholls, F.R. Dunshea and B.P. Mullan.
  • 2007 Miss Larissa Beale from the University of Queensland "Gastrointestinal health of newborn piglets - The acquisition of enterbacteriaceae diversity", co-authored with P. Njuguna, T. Chapman, R. Al Jassim, D. Trott and J.C. Chin.

APSA Poster Award:

  • 2019 Prof John Pluske from Murdoch University "Feeding larger diameter pellets to piglets in lactation does not improve the weaning weight of piglets born to gilts but decreases the removal rate of pigs in the post-weaning period", co-authored by J.C. Kim, J.R. Craig, R.J. Smits, C.J. Braden and C.J. Brewster.
  • 2017 Mr Robert Hewitt from SunPork Solutions "Microencapsulated feed additives allow improved production efficiency within an integrated environmental and health strategy", co-authored by W. Bradshaw and L. Lahaye.
  • 2015 Ms Kirrily O'Halloran from Rivalea Australia "Evaluation of sow and litter performance with addition of a bio-surfactant to lactation diets", co-authored by R.R. Carter, D.J. Henman and C.L. Collins.
  • 2013 Dr Cameron Jose from Department of Agriculture and Food WA "Depletion-repletion of dietary iron increases total muscle and liver iro contents, but not aerobic capacity, in pigs", co-authored by J. Mansfield, M. Trezona, J.C. Kim, R.G. Campbell, D.W. Pethick, G. Smith and J.R. Pluske.
  • 2011 Dr Greg Tuckett from Rivalea Australia "Pregnancy outcomes of porcine embryo transfer are not affected by increasing the volume of transfer medium", co-authored by C.G. Grupen, D.P. McKenzie and B.G. Luxford.
  • 2009 Ms Karen Moore from the Department of Agriculture and Food WA "Entire male and female pigs have different available lysine:energy requirements from 20 to 50 kgs liveweight", co-authored by R.G. Campbell, R.R. Nicholls and B.P. Mullan.
  • 2007 Dr Robert van Barneveld

APSA Fellow:

  • 2017 Professor Robert van Barneveld
  • 2015 Professor John Pluske
  • 2013 Professor Frank Dunshea and Dr Bruce Mullan
  • 2011 Dr Ian Williams
  • 2009 Dr Michael Taverner
  • 2007 Dr David Hennessy
  • 2007 Dr Ray King